…Honest, Compassionate and Accessible…

I am a healthy woman who has been without health insurance for about 12 years because of rising health insurance premiums.  I had it most of my life, but could no longer afford the monthly payments and that has been a source of panic and anxiety as I got older.  This year I enrolled in PPC and it has been such a luxury to be able to get free lab work and imaging.  I’ve also been able to create a great, ongoing  relationship with a primary care Doctor due to the availability of free visits.  I can’t tell you what peace of mind this has given me.  I feel powerful and taken care of in the area of health care and that has enriched my life greatly.  Everyone whom I’ve dealt with has been honest, compassionate and accessible.  It is an amazing program for people and I am happy to share this with everyone.

Nickey W – Houston, TX

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