Creating a Patient Physician Cooperative: A Small Purpose

Suppose that world is going to hell sooner rather than later.  Evil people take over completely and  destroy, kill, injure, and bring chaos.  Does that change what we are going to do today?  Shall we do as Paul suggested:  eat, drink, and be merry if there is no resurrection.  I bet not.  I think that we will avoid unstructured time and the day will go as planned until there were no more days.  So, we continue to do what we are compelled until the doing of it has lost its goodness and the people in our circle can no longer exchange the joy in talking and in touching nor feel the energy  that passes between them.

We have been given a small purpose.  It is to connect people to each other in such ways as to bring peace and to mitigate suffering, to bring knowledge and to share joy,  even if it is within a denouement.  First, we know ourselves;  then,  we know each person’s name;  then, we know each person’s suffering and we change it or we share it or we make it softer and quieter and easier to face as it dissipates.

Our health is temporary  regardless of what happens  in the world.  Some of us are temporarily knowledgeable about health and wellness.  In these times,  we must  share that knowledge so that the suffering will be mitigated.  We will create circles of people that are physically connected,  people who can see and touch one another,  people who can listen and talk to one another, communities.  As these circles emerge the peace needed for making order from chaos will define the structure of the communities  that we create.

All sorts of destruction drives our trip around the sun, yet we still sleep for one third of the way and do so because we watch over each other.  When the watching we do is intentional and personal, the sleep is peaceful.  Such a day is interesting and humorous.  When the watching we do is outside of our circles and entrusted to the assumed authorities then we are subjected to mores and taboos and we are lucky to survive or not so lucky.

Within our small purpose health care can be reborn based on patient values, the way we feel and understand our own bodies. These values can be improved by the Art of Medicine and by the Science behind diagnosis and treatment.

Knowledge of and experience with the values will emerge peacefully in Patient and Physician Cooperatives. This knowledge and experience makes the cooperative strong and effective.

What is chaos now can be made orderly by compassionate people who mitigate suffering. Our proper goal for our health care is found in a life well lived in a community of people who care for others.

This is health care reform. This is what we do and we pay for it ourselves in the most practical and economical ways possible. There are no complicated systems, no hidden charges, and no unneeded services.

So long as there is a rebuilding of the world this small purpose is the common ground on which good lives can be created and the many ways in which we live those lives can be supported and fostered.