About Patient / Physician Cooperatives


Patient Physician Cooperatives Houston is up during Hurricane Harvey.
We are available to assist members and with accessing medical care (866) 549-4199.

If you need Immediate attention, all Harvey survivors can access a
primary care physician through Teledoc (800) 835-2362.

If a life threatening emergency please call 911 or reach out to first responders.


•What is PPC?•

Patient/Physician Cooperatives (PPC) is a comprehensive healthcare system, starting with a group of physicians, health practitioners and patients working together to provide access to affordable, basic health care. Contracts for medical services are made directly between the patient and physician members. By creating this comprehensive system, incorporating medical discount programs & a variety of Association Group or Employer Sponsored insurance plans, we have effectively eliminated the red-tape that acts as a barrier to providing patients with high quality care. Unlike insurance companies, PPC has no exclusions for age, income, or pre-existing conditions.

•How does the program work?•

Through cooperative purchasing, the members function as a group to obtain access to health care and association and employer sponsored group insurance at affordable prices. Primary or basic medical care services are provided to members with no co-payments or $25 co-payments for primary care, labs and imaging. There are no health qualifications. Currently, members may select from more than 200 primary care physicians. Each member signs a monthly payment plan agreement with a primary care provider through which the availability of the physician and his or her services are paid in full. Primary care physicians are at convenient locations throughout the service areas, including clinics & employer groups in several States.

Pathways to Care

When you are sick or injured it is good to know where to get help and from whom. The insurance systems used to pay a portion of the costs do not establish a pathway for care when you need it. Frequently, finding the path is chaotic and devoid of proper selection of both doctors and facilities. The chaos in the marketplace and blind selection of providers is expensive and dangerous to your life and your recovery.Establishing a pathway to care in advance of using it and paying for services is a common-sense approach to good advice, good treatment, and fair prices.  If you enter our system through a primary care provider (PCP), then establishing and confirming the pathway with your patient advocate is the first thing you must do to assure the quality of services you will receive. If you enter our system through an employer sponsored trust, then your employer must make the patient advocate available to you individually for enough time to select your PCP, evaluate your health care needs, and identify the specialists and facilities you are most likely to use.When pathways to care are completed for every member of a group the cost and quality of care are vastly improved. The potential cost saving for individuals and their employers is between 20% and 30%. The is how much is being wasted the system build on false assumptions that health care is in a directory and all the providers are of equal ability and skill.



The PPC is sponsored by 501(c)(3) charity Tomorrow’s Bread Today.


The PPC is...

  • a non-profit co-op

  • connects you directly to a doctor

  • affordable monthly price

  • basic medical services

  • primary care visits, preventive care and management of chronic medical conditions

  • specialists available

  • simple payment plan

  • “obamacare” aca qualified plans available

  • pre-exisiting conditions are not denied